My name’s Angie Wijaya! I’m a graphic designer, visual designer, art director, and anything in-between. I’m currently a visual designer at Lob.

Super interested in: brand identity, brand storytelling, motion graphics, advertising campaigns, and UX/UI design. 


Problem: To inspire younger generations to become teachers while adapting our education system for the current pandemic and modern student.

Insight: Students benefit from having teachers who look like them. Black students who have even 1 black teacher by third grade are 13% more likely to enroll in college. However, while 8 in 10 public school students identify as a person of color, only about 1 in 5 teachers do.

Big Idea: Reclaim the Classroom 
Client: Young Shits Competition- Google
Collaborators: Morgan Lee

Message: No matter what kind of student you were, classrooms need you to return! The traits that once defined you can be powerful in motivating our next generation of dreamers. People change, and so has the idea of the classroom as COVID-19 transformed bedrooms into schools overnight. It’s time to redefine what and who makes a strong teacher. It’s time to reclaim the classroom.