My name’s Angie Wijaya! I’m a graphic designer, visual designer, art director, and anything in-between. I’m currently a visual designer at Lob.

Super interested in: brand identity, brand storytelling, motion graphics, advertising campaigns, and UX/UI design. 


basement27 consultancy got started at the start of 2020 as a way to continue creating work that spoke more to the Gen-Z generation. The branding and naming focuses on the location where we all met for the first time, room: b27. The resemblance of a face in the logo speaks our need to reflect the true faces and people of our generation.  After a few months after our launch, we have worked with 5 brands in their brand identity, social media strategy and content creation.
Brand Identity, Web Design, Motion

Collaborators: Maura Munaf, Pearl Zhong, Melissa Chan