My name’s Angie Wijaya! I’m a graphic designer, visual designer, art director, and anything in-between. I’m currently a visual designer at Lob.

Super interested in: brand identity, brand storytelling, motion graphics, advertising campaigns, and UX/UI design. 

Aha! Moment

Branding for an educational streaming video mobile app. With the aim to help oversimplify huge concepts, and make the subjects more conversational, the brand language is simple and bold through the continuous use of lines, and the use of orange. 

The logo combines icons for excitement (exclamation point) and video streaming (play button) to create a logo that helps reference AHM’s purpose and tagline “creating AHA! moments, one byte at a time.” 
Brand Identity, UX/UI, Motion

Client: Aha! Moment Startup
Collaborators: Maura Munaf, Pearl Zhong, Melissa Chan 

Logo creation brainstorm process: